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Warhammer 40k Tyranid

This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 98. Chapters: Tyranid Characters, Tyranid Technology, Tyranid Units, Battle of Macragge, Bio-Titan, Biovore, Carnifex, Chronology of Events, Cleansing of Hive Thetus, Gargoyle, Genestealers, Hierophant, Hive Fleet, Hive Fleet Behemoth, Hive Fleet Dagon, Hive Fleet Gorgon, Hive Fleet Kraken, Hive Fleet Leviathan, Hive Guard, Hive Mind, Lictor, Malanthrope, Milky Way Galaxy, Narvhal, Norn-Queen, Parasite of Mortrex, Psyker, Pyrovore, Ravener, Spore Mine, Stark Report, Swarmlord, Termagant, Tervigon, Timeline of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, Tyranids, Tyranid Warrior Prime, Tyrannofex, Venomthrope, Ymgarl Genestealers, Zoanthrope, Zoat, Deathleaper, Old One Eye, Parasite of Mortrex, The Red Terror, Mycetic Spore, Narvhal, Bio-Titan, Biovore, Carnifex, Dominatrix, Gargoyle, Gaunt, Genestealers, Harpy, Hierophant, Hive Guard, Hive Mind, Hive Tyrant, Hormagaunt, Lictor, Malanthrope, Mawloc, Norn-Queen, Ravener, Rippers, Spore Mine, Swarmlord, Termagant, Tervigon, Trygon, Tyranid Warrior, Tyranid Warrior Prime, Tyrannofex, Tyrant Guard, Venomthrope, Ymgarl Genestealers, Zoanthrope, Zoat. Excerpt: The Battle of Macragge was the greatest test ever faced by the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines when they confronted the first invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy by the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Behemoth in 745.M41. Over the 10 millennia that passed after the death of their Primarch Roboute Guilliman, the Ultramarines defended the Realm of Ultramar against all manner of invaders - some so strange as to defy the comprehension of the common man. The Ultramarines have tested their might against Ork WAAAGH!s and Renegade uprisings, Tau incursions and Necron raids, but the measure of their heroism is shown truest in battles where they have defended all life in the galaxy itself in the face of threats from beyond known space. So did the Sons of Ultramar prove in the 35th Millennium in battle against the Sta

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