The Book Of The Righteous Pdf Download

Read online the-book-of-the-righteous , this book written by Aaron Loeb and published by Green Ronin Pub in PDF, Docs format also available in epub,mobi format
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The Book Of The Righteous

The Book of the Righteous presents the most comprehensive pantheon ever seen in the d20 System. This massive, 320-page hardback provides more than 20 pick-up-and-play churches corresponding to gods that feature in most fantasy campaigns (god of war, god of justice, etc.). Each church features lavish detail, including in-depth information on its clerics, holy orders, dogma, prayers, and rituals. These churches can be used in any campaign to bring a whole new level of detail to the religious characters. Plus, for those who don't have a complete cosmology in their game, The Book of the Righteous provides a comprehensive mythology that unifies all of the gods in the book. That mythology, and its corresponding cosmology, is not tied to an existing campaign setting, making it as portable and useful as Green Ronin's critically acclaimed Freeport series. The Book of the Righteous also features a new core class, the holy warrior, and new prestige classes, feats, spells, domains, magic items, and artifacts. Third in Green Ronin's Arcana series, The Book of the Righteous is a divine sourcebook like no other.

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